We The Team is a collective determined to help alleviate the financial hurdles of organized sports. The cost of equipment and league registration has proven to sideline kids from being the athletes they dream to be. We The Team aims to provide the necessary assistance to put kids in the game. 

Our Goal

We score our goals every time we help get kids on a team and in the game. Whether it's lacing a pair of skates, cleats or sneakers, We The Team is driven to make a difference by passing the opportunity forward. The experiences created by organized sports are priceless, but the opportunity to create them is not. How do we know our full potential if we are never given the chance to recognize them? Huddle up! Let’s make a difference one play at a time. 

Our inspiration

The benefits of organized sports are far more important than the trophies. Sure they’re exciting, but We The Team is focused on enabling kids to experience the benefits of sports in all aspects of their lives. From practice to the game, from home to homeroom and from classroom to boardroom, the benefits of participating in sports lasts a lifetime. Organized sports have been proven to promote an active lifestyle, help academic performance and create friendships. The sports environment facilitates a sense of community and by playing sports kids can learn how to work together to accomplish goals and even through losses learn extremely valuable life lessons. 

our aim

This is not an issue of leisure, but of social welfare. This pursuit of social inclusion outlines the necessity of our team. Soccer, basketball or hockey can be instrumental in promoting both societal participation and inclusion for not only the child, but the entire family.  Watching games or practices provides the opportunity for families to interact and connect with their neighbours. This is similar to the rhetoric which promotes sport as efficient method for newly immigrated families to assimilate to their community. This is why We The Team focuses on making assists to new Canadians, immigrants, refugees and all marginalized groups or populations that do not receive the support they need. 

Here's a link to download our official e-Brochure, feel free to download and pass around our information to those who would be interested in supporting our cause.

Do you know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.
— Mike Singletary